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With the new month coming up, I wanted to remind my followers and watchers that I have a Patreon! Every month, I will post exclusive images and updates that are posted earlier there, or just not posted anywhere else. If you’re not a patron or don’t wish to join up, that’s fine. I also have Tumblr and a Furaffinity account, which I check both every day... And! There are plenty of other ways to be supportive of my works, such as the following:

Tipping through Paypal! (or Ko-fi!)
Commissioning me!
Faving/Reblogging my artwork!
Just generally spreading the word!

Please consider any of these options, as every little bit helps me support myself and my family/pets! If you’ve any questions, please send me a note or DM on any of my pages (tumblr, FA, DA, etc).